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RV Living

Map of travel - year 1 - RVwithUS

One year full-time RV Living

On September 7, 2019 we drove from Huntsville, Alabama to Ft. Myers Florida to pick up Bessie (our 5th wheel). We immediately towed her four miles to the nearest campground so that we could attempt to figure out RV life. It’s been one year of full-time rv living for us and we are still trying to figure it all out, but we love it. When we bought Bessie, we...

2nd month of full-time rv travel - Piedmont to Pueblo

2 Months Full-time Travel

Second month by the Numbers Dates: July 21-August 21)3 states5 campgrounds550 miles$3836 spent If you’ve not already, be sure to read about our first month on the road. To give a little recap, in month one we covered five states, and spent about half as much as we did this past month. Keep reading to see why our costs went up despite slowing down. How we spent...

A tale of RV park floods and leaks

Flooded RV Parks, Leaky RVs, and Other Tales of RV Living

The last month has been pretty eventful. It seems like we can’t quite catch a break without something coming up. In mid-January we moved our camper over to Point Mallard in Decatur AL, so we could be closer to Brandon’s house and start prepping it to sell. When we arrived the spot we wanted to take had a power issue, so we set up in a different site while...