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RV Living

Installing a new toilet and bidet in your RV

How we added a bidet to our RV toilet

The thing we missed most from our sticks & bricks? Our bidets. After over a year without them, we finally upgraded our toilet so that it could handle the bidet, and our bottoms thank us everyday.

Month 3 on the road - Pueblo to Del Norte Colorado

Our third month on the road

Sometimes the cheapest way to travel is to sit still for a while, and that's just what we did for our third month on the road. It wasn't so much planned, as we just decided we liked the spot we...

Map of travel - year 1 - RVwithUS

One year full-time RV Living

On September 7, 2019 we drove from Huntsville, Alabama to Ft. Myers Florida to pick up Bessie (our 5th wheel). We immediately towed her four miles to the nearest campground so that we could attempt...