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month 11 full-time rv travel

Full-time RV Travel Life Month 11

Our 11th month on the road actually takes us off the road for a while. We won't be traveling like we have the last year. Instead, we'll be staying in one place and using that as a homebase to explore...

Installing a new toilet and bidet in your RV

How we added a bidet to our RV toilet

The thing we missed most from our sticks & bricks? Our bidets. After over a year without them, we finally upgraded our toilet so that it could handle the bidet, and our bottoms thank us everyday.

Month 3 on the road - Pueblo to Del Norte Colorado

Our third month on the road

Sometimes the cheapest way to travel is to sit still for a while, and that's just what we did for our third month on the road. It wasn't so much planned, as we just decided we liked the spot we...