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First Month on the Road

We just wrapped up our first full month on the road and while we don't expect this will be indicative of our entire trip, we thought we'd share our experience so far, how far we went, where we stayed and how much it cost us.

RV life: pacing ourselves

This post contains affiliate links. If you're new here, you may want to subscribe to our email list for regular updates. Thanks for visiting!This post contains affiliate links. Have you subscribed to our email list yet? Our first two weeks on the road have been full of adventure and learning. We set out with a general path in mind, but very little actually planned...

A tale of RV park floods and leaks

Flooded RV Parks, Leaky RVs, and Other Tales of RV Living

The last month has been pretty eventful. It seems like we can’t quite catch a break without something coming up. In mid-January we moved our camper over to Point Mallard in Decatur AL, so we could be closer to Brandon’s house and start prepping it to sell. When we arrived the spot we wanted to take had a power issue, so we set up in a different site while...