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month 11 full-time rv travel

Full-time RV Travel Life Month 11

Our 11th month on the road actually takes us off the road for a while. We won't be traveling like we have the last year. Instead, we'll be staying in one place and using that as a homebase to explore...

Month 10 travel

10 months full-time RV travel

Although month 10 involved very little actual travel, it was one of the was busiest and stressful months we've had since we hit the road. Between trying to register a car, dealing with a cracked rim...

month 8 fulltime RV travel

Month 8 full-time travel

Eight months on the road fulltime, where has the time gone? Time flies by way too fast. But, this last month has been rather eventful. We stayed at four RV Parks, “enjoyed” the Texas...

Month 6 - Full Time RV Travel

Month 6 Full Time RV Travel

Full-time RV travel doesn't always mean moving every week, and in some cases it doesn't even mean moving every month. Such was the case for us during our sixth month of full-time RV travel life.

month 5 full-time RV travel

Month 5 Full Time Travel

Our fifth month on the road actually took us off the road (sort of). While we’d planned to travel through the month of November before returning to Alabama, sometimes things don’t go as...