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F450 Super Duty pulling a 2015 Heartland Bighorn 3875FB

RV with US


Julie & Brandon - RVwithUS

We are a young(ish) couple of DINKs opting to live our dream instead of waiting for retirement. Our dream? To set sail in our land yacht and see what the country has to offer.

Julie grew up with annual cross-country road trips, and has always enjoyed the ability to stop and smell the roses.  Julie works as a freelance writer/marketer. In her free time, she enjoys reading and video games.

Brandon is a certified computer geek. During the day he programs computer games and in his off time he enjoys playing them.

Neither of us are campers. We aren't doing this for the love of outdoors but for the love of adventure. We enjoy travel but hate hotels and hotel beds. So, what better option than to live life now, seeing the world, and carrying our home with us as we go.

Come RV with US!

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First Month on the Road

We just wrapped up our first full month on the road and while we don't expect this will be indicative of our entire trip, we thought we'd share our experience so far, how far we went, where we stayed...

Clarksville RV Park & Campground

Friendly owners, great sites, a clean campground and lots of amenities. There's only one thing not to like about Clarksville RV Park & Campground (well, besides having to leave it).

RV life: pacing ourselves

Our first two weeks on the road have been full of adventure and learning. We set out with a general path in mind, but very little actually planned. We knew we wanted to head North up to Iowa, then...

entrance to the Sharon Johnston Park campground

Four Months at Sharon Johnston Park

In our first 9 months of living full-time in our RV, we spent four and a half months at Sharon Johnston Park campground (over three different stays). Why we call this park home.

Jay Landings Marina and RV Park

Jay Landings Marina and RV Park

Prior to purchasing our rig we drove around and took a look at many of the RV parks and campgrounds in our area, hoping to find a good place to land our yacht. One of those places was Jay Landings...

How to sell your RV

We’ve not yet had to sell an RV. However, from the beginning of our journey, we knew we intended to buy a used RV, regardless of what type we ultimately purchased. So, other than window...

Northgate RV Travel Park

Northgate RV Park, Athens AL

There aren’t many options for RV parking in (or near) Athens, Alabama. As such, if you come into town for the Bluegrass Festival or the Storytellers Festival, you’ll likely find yourself...

Emerald Beach RV Park

Emerald Beach RV Park in Navarre Florida

Emerald Beach RV Park in Navarre Florida was a place we didn’t want to leave, and not just because we had an amazing view of the water (even though our spot wasn’t waterfront). When we...

By the Numbers

  • 3378 Miles Traveled
  • 32 Times Parked
  • 7 States Visited